Hey there friends,

If you’ve made it to this page, then you’re probably wondering what AcidFried is about, right?

Well, AcidFried is a blog dedicated to talking about… you guessed it, drugs!

Here we’ll be discussing everything under the sun, including, but not limited to:

  • How to use your favorite drugs safely. (Well, as safe as one can be. After all, putting any foreign object in your body is inherently most likely not safe.
  • The best vendors available to purchase your drugs; legal or not.
  • How to get the most out of using your drugs.

As for me (the owner of AcidFried), I’m an avid drug user and enthusiast.

Well, I use to be an avid drug user.

As of right now, my use is more casual.

My favorite type of drugs are typically the ones that can profoundly alter your perception of reality.

You know… Magic Mushrooms, Acid, DMT, and the like.

But, I also love my sedatives, empathogens, dissociatives, and even the occasional stimulant.

I’m not a fan of recreational pain killer use (due to their ability to kill someone easily, and their effects in general).

However, I do believe in Freedom of Choice (which we don’t have, otherwise I could ingest whatever I wanted to without fear of prison time), and think that pain killers can be relatively safe to use on a recreational basis in the hands of a knowledgeable user.

But, at the same time, I also believe in following a structure of rules, regulations, and policies; even if they take away from our Freedom of Choice (contradictory, I know. But, often contradictions are right in their own way).

After all, where would we be as a species without structure?

A computer, video game, music, dance, and practically everything else in existence relies on a structure; i.e. rules to follow in order to reach a particular result.

The art (the performance of knowledge) of a song being performed is nothing without the science (the knowledge).

Imagine trying to create a beautiful symphony without the knowledge of Chords, Melody, Rhythm, and Harmony.

It wouldn’t happen.

Structure; i.e. rules are the foundation of a great performance in any discipline, and the breaking of those rules degrades the quality of the performance.

So, while the Freedom of Choice (i.e. no rules) sounds nice, the reality tends to show otherwise.

By now you’re probably thinking, “OK, so do you believe in Freedom of Choice or not!?”.

It sounds nice, but we are probably better off by not having a complete Freedom of Choice.

I do wish I had the freedom to do more drugs though.

But, I understand why the freedom to do certain types of drugs are restricted.

After all, one of our primary goals as a human is to live, right?

You can’t do that if dummies are accidentally killing themselves with Fentanyl.

All in all, it’s complicated.

The best answer I can give as to whether I believe in Freedom of Choice or not is, “It depends on the circumstances”.

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