1plsd.to Review | Is 1plsd.to a Scam?


Today we’re going to get an insiders look at the research chemical vendor 1plsd.to and find out whether they are a scam or not.

By the end of the article you’ll be able to decide whether or not you should part with your hard earned cash and give it to this research chemical vendor.

And if you read until the end, you’ll discover how to get access to some of my favorite research chemical sources.

1plsd.to Review

1plsd.to has been in the research chemical scene for quite a few years. How many years exactly… well, I’m not sure.

With that being said, I have an extensive past with 1plsd.to and have bought copious amounts of 1p-lsd and ald-52 from them many years ago.

And, by ‘copious amounts’ I mean 1000’s upon 1000’s of blotters… but I’m not a drug dealer.


Anyways… you’d think that with such a great past history that I’d recommend them, right?

Well, not so fast.

Even though I have a large past history with them, I wouldn’t recommend them.

The fact is, they are selective scammers.

Once they saw the amounts that I was buying, they decided that it was a good idea to just not send the product.

And, at first… I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

Research chemical vendors run into problems all the time, including but not limited to:

  • Supply chain issues
  • Orders getting taken by customs
  • Forgetting to fulfill customer orders because they have to manually verify payments

etc. etc. etc.

So, I did what any benefit of the doubt giving person would do… I kept placing orders.

After that, about a month went by when I realized something, “Hmm, I’ve spent around $10,000-$20,000 this month on 1p-lsd and ald-52 and I haven’t received ONE package.”

It was at this moment (a moment too late) that I realized 1plsd.to is a scam.

It’s one thing to have a few orders misplaced by a vendor, but it’s another thing when you’ve placed 50-100 orders in good faith and NONE of them show up.

Personally, I’ll never trust them with my hard earned money again. You may get your packages for awhile, but I wouldn’t bet my life on it.

Any vendor who’s willing to ‘misplace’ upwards of $20,000 worth of lysergamides is a vendor who can be blacklisted for life.

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