Lysergi Review | Is Lysergi a Scam?


Here you will learn about the notorious research chemical vendor Lysergi.

Is lysergi legit?

Is lysergi a scam?

What’s their reliability?

You’ll find the answers to these questions and more by reading the article below.

And if you read until the end, you’ll discover how to get access to some of my favorite research chemical sources.

“My lysergi package never arrived”

This is something you usually see around the internet by angry customers when talking about lysergi.

Lysergi has a pretty good history of getting packages to you, but recently, more and more have been getting seized.

Well, at least that’s what people would like to think.

The fact is, lysergi only uses snail mail to the U.S for most orders, and with this comes a big risk.

You have to trust that they’ll get your order to you as there is no tracking information involved.

So, if your product never arrived from lysergi, you have to trust that the postal system failed you.

Am I calling lysergi a scam?


However, whether it’s safe to order from lysergi is up for debate.

Let me explain.

I know someone (who totally wasn’t me. *cough*) who has purchased hundreds of orders through lysergi and has taken advantage of their loyalty program.

The problem begins when their loyalty points mysteriously disappeared and reset. Or even worse, went negative over 800 points for no reason.

This makes me believe that lysergi doesn’t entirely honor their loyalty point system.

Another problem he had was specific orders never turning up when he was able to purchase them for free-$2 due to lysergi’s loyalty point system.

Sketchy, right?

“How long does lysergi take to ship?”

This varies between countries, but generally it takes them 4-15 days. However, there have been some times where it takes over 30 days to the U.S.A.

This could potentially be a problem on lysergi’s side, but to their defense, it probably wasn’t since lysergi is located in Canada and they ship from Canada.

When lysergi reviews started popping up about delayed shipping times a Canadian Postal Strike was happening at the time.

Additionally, it’s unlike lysergi to have large delays in shipping.

But if you check out the lysergi reddit, you’ll be able to decide for yourself how reliable they are based on the reviews.

Despite these downfalls, overall lysergi is a pretty good vendor as of the time of this writing.

The main things that keep them from being a perfect vendor is the lack of community, communication with support, their no refund and re-ship rules, and the fact that they only accept a couple crypto-currency.

But all is not lost…

“Who’s the best Lysergi replacement?”

There are quite a few good lysergi replacements out there.

However, if I only had to choose one, then I’d probably pick this one.

The website is designed better, their communication is better (sometimes), and they have more payment options, including debit card.

Oh, and they also have a much larger selection of research chemicals compared to lysergi.

In my experience, other vendors like lysergi can get the job done, but they can’t compare in terms of quality of experience.

If you’re looking for websites similar to lysergi (besides my #1 recommendation above), then your best bet would probably be the indole shop or

However, I should warn you… the indole shop’s success rate isn’t as good and straight out scams.

Or rather, they selectively scam.

I know someone (who totally isn’t me) who’s made hundreds of orders through them and suddenly they end up losing thousands because of

Don’t be fooled by the low prices.

Prices are often a reflection of the quality of experience you will receive with that particular vendor.

I have a few other vendors on my list that are amazing as of the time of this writing, but I only give them out to people who join my mailing list.

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