Review | Is a Scam?


Is legit?

By the end of the article you’ll be able to decide whether or not you should part with your hard earned cash on this research chemical vendor.

And if you read until the very end of this spectacular article, you’ll discover how to get access to some of my favorite, vetted research chemical vendors. Review

Right out of the gate, is not my favorite research chemical vendor.


Well, they only ship one of their products to the United States.

“What product is that?”, you might ask?


Granted, it’s a very good product… perhaps even great, but still.

When I’m searching for a vendor, I’m looking for one that can ship me more than just 1P-LSD.

Nonetheless, for science I decided to make a purchase of 1P-LSD from

Unfortunately, they only accept MoneyGram or WesternUnion as a payment method (talk about sketchy and annoying).

Either way, I finished the deed and proceeded to wait.

And wait.

And wait.

And wait.

Holy hell, talk about slow shipping… it took roughly 90 days to get to me.

But, at least it got to me, right?

The 1P-LSD ended up passing the test with flying colors, but I was curious about whether or not I could replicate the experience.

So, I decided to take the experiment a little bit further and place 10 separate orders.

Of the 10, only 1 more made it to me within 90 days.

I still have yet to see any of the other orders.

All in all, I know that is kind of a legit rc vendor.

They purchase their lysergamides from a well-known source and even ship them out to you… sometimes.

With that being said, I won’t be placing another order with them.

Simply put, they aren’t consistent enough with delivering, and their customer support is practically non-existent (but the customer support problem is kind of standard in this scene).

Plus, their selection for United States customers flat out suck.

1P-LSD is great and all, but not so great that it’s the only research chemical that I’d like to purchase.

Personally, I’ll be sticking with my #1 recommendation or one of my other favorite RC vendors.

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