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In the meantime (while you’re waiting for your first email), I want to share one of my favorite drug testing kit providers with you.

If you choose to use drugs, then testing them via a testing kit and third party lab is extremely important.

Prince, Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and many more have died due to ingesting drugs that weren’t as advertised.

For example, Prince thought he was getting some generic pain killers, but as it turns out they were counterfeit and filled with fentanyl; ultimately causing his death.

Lil Peep died by taking a counterfeit Xanax pill from a fan that was filled with fentanyl.

Mac Miller died in a similar fashion.

Additionally, I ( AcidFried) almost died by taking an unidentified chemical that I thought was something else.

It should have been a psychedelic, but instead I received a research chemical opioid called U-4700.

Long story short, I took some thinking that I’d just have a trip and instead I end up unconscious, foaming at the mouth, and on life support.

The hospital thought I was a goner as I had Acute Respitory Distress Syndrome ( ARDS ), Pneumothorax ( Collapsed Lung), Respiratory Failure, and a Pulmonary Embolism.

Up until that point, I always tested by drugs 99% of the time before consuming them.

Unfortunately, my testing kit was expired and I didn’t buy a new one to verify the contents.

Moral of the story, it can happen to anyone; don’t let it happen to you. 

Here’s a picture of the incident:

If you’re going to do drugs, then stay as safe as you can!

Anyways, click the button below to check the drug testing kit provider out.

And remember, if it can happen to me… then it can happen to you.

Don’t be stupid and get one; it could save your life, or even somebody else’s.