Rcbonline.biz Review | You May Die



If you decide to purchase from them, you could potentially receive a very dangerous research chemical in place of a relatively benign one.

DO NOT think about consuming ANY of rcbonline.biz’s research chemicals because they may not be what you think.

Send the chemical in question off to a third party lab where they can verify it’s contents.

And if you read until the very end of this article, you’ll discover how to get access to some of my favorite, top secret research chemical vendors.

Rcbonline.biz Review

This is a MASSIVE warning for anybody thinking about ordering research chemicals from rcbonline.biz, previously known as best-feel.com.

A couple years ago I placed an order for 4-ho-met and nearly died because they sent the dangerous opioid u4700 in it’s place.

Here’s a picture that my girlfriend took of me while I was unconscious in the hospital:

I tried placing a review on TrustPilot recently in order to warn people, but apparently it’s against TrustPilot’s policies to make reviews that can save someone’s life.

So, I’m doing the next best thing… I’m placing the review I made about rcbonline.biz on here!

Anyways, here’s the more complete story on what happened / the review I made on TrustPilot.

This happened a couple years ago —

It was just another day in the lab ordering research chemicals from best-feel.com (a.k.a. rcbonline.biz).

The lab placed an order for 4-HO-MET, but unknowingly received the opioid u4700 in it’s place.

Thinking that the pink crystal-like substance received from best-feel.com was the 4-HO-MET, the lab proceeded to have his rat consume around 18-30mg 4-ho-met, kratom, and etizolam for sexual experimentation with the girlfriend rat.

Well, since the 4-ho-met was the opioid u4700, the girlfriend rat eventually found her rat foaming at the mouth, completely limp, and unconscious.

For perspective, the rat doesn’t do opioids and just ingested a heavy dose of u4700 along with two other depressants (AKA, he’s completely f*cked).

Without fast action by the girlfriend rat, her rat would have been dead very soon.

Fortunately, she panicked and proceeded to call 911.

The rat woke up on Life Support — the hospital thought he was a gonner.

The rat experienced Acute Respitory Distress Syndrome (ARDS), Respitory Failure, Pulmonary Embolism, and Pneumothorax (a completely collapsed lung).

He wasn’t expected to make it, and his family flew out to see him expecting a funeral.

Now he has left lung and anxiety problems like no other.

This is all because best-feel.com (a.k.a. rcbonline.biz) sent a very dangerous chemical in place of a relatively benign chemical.

This may have been an accident on their part, but those kind of accidents can’t be happening.

TL;DR — Don’t assume that this company will send the correct chemical, otherwise you may be dead.

Send the chemicals in question off to third party labs to be verified if you want your rats to live.

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