RealChems Review | Is RealChems a Scam?


Is RealChems trustworthy?

By the end of this realchems review you’ll be able to decide whether or not you should part with your hard earned cash on this research chemical vendor.

And if you read until the very end of this spectacular article, you’ll discover how to get access to some of my favorite, top secret research chemical vendors.

RealChems Review hasn’t been around that long, but has an insane amount of reviews.

That probably leaves you thinking, “Hmm, is realchems legit!?”.

Well, unfortunately… I couldn’t find out for myself since I live inside the United States.

This caused a big problem in my review process considering that I like to have hands on experience with the vendor in question so as long as they aren’t an obvious scam.

So, after contemplating what I should do momentarily — I decided to hit up my European gamer friend!

We’ll call him ‘B’.

I’m like, ‘Hey B, I need to ask you for a favor… would you mind if I get some drugs sent to you?’.

His response?

‘Would I mind? Hell no I wouldn’t mind! Who doesn’t like free drugs!?’.

Typical B, lol.

Anyways, after making the agreement I set out to send him 3 separate orders so that I could verify how consistent RealChems is.

After about 4 days or so he ended up receiving all 3 orders.

So, one can reasonably conclude (based on my experience and RealChems reviews) that RealChems is a top-tier vendor based out of the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t matter much for us folk in the United States since RealChems doesn’t ship here.

If you’re located in Europe, then RealChems is an excellent choice as of the last time I updated this article, but personally… I’ll be sticking with my #1 recommendation or one of my other favorite RC vendors.

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